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Heya readers!

As you can see this week, no strip… AGAIN!
But there is a good reason to it, these days we work on a lot of things that we talked about yesterday in our tipeee news.

To sum it up, without entering too much in the details, here is what we’re preparing:
– New calendar of contents release.
– Return of Ré-Incarnat° with some little changes, as more pages on release.
– English translation of our website and its content.
– Graphic rework of our tipeee’s page.
– Catch-up on tipeee’s rewards.

Forcefully, with so much things to do our content is somehow reduced for now, but it will be worth it, trust us!
We could have filled the voids wit releasing a little strip or something, but we really didn’t want to do that. We want our content to always be as qualitative as possible, it’s our little perfectionist side.

That’s also one of the reason which explains why the follow-up of “Unexpected Guest » strip isn’t out. Layne got stuck a little in writings. But the night before last, in the middle of the night he got an enlightenment and found some missing parts of the scenario.

Before forgetting to precise it, this article comes up with two others articles for our tippers:
– November’s Step by Step, accessible for all of our donators.
– November’s Timelapses, accessible to our tippers of “Bol Edulcoré” rank and higher. 🙂

We wish a great weekend to all our readers, as for the tippers have a good discovery of your exclusive contents.

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