October 2018 Rewards

Heya readers!

Tonight, we come back on our October Tipeee rewards later than we normally do, because of some tasks we had to do the last days (like upgrading the website for exemple).

For once, this article is released instead of an illustration to let Aria rest a bit, even if we know that you would have wanted to see an illustration tonight, right?! :p

Anyway, here are the photos of October’s illustrations and bookmarks, and also a photo of the texture from the textured paper:

As you can see, we’ve decided to stop doing a picture of all the rewards piled up together, and instead we do two stacks: one of illustrations and one of bookmarks. We did that to earn a bit of time, since it was taking us too much time to unpack all rewards in a cute way, to take the photo and then reorder everything to put them back in every envelopes.

Additionally, it wasn’t that cute we think. ^^
Also photos are of better quality now, since we’ve decided to use a camera that was hidden at the very bottom of our closets.

Now let’s continue with the watercolours some tippers ordered:

This month, there were two Sidonies! It shows how much she’s loved! :p
You can also see that, strangely, once scanned one of the watercolour has its line more visible than the others. While in reality all lines are as clean as others.

Let’s finish with our lottery’s prizes! (Yeah, for once we swapped!)

This month, Aria wanted to do a Queen Aria and a King Layne. She had a lot of fun doing them too. :p She also wanted to do a little Momo and another Sidonie, which was normally supposed to be a watercolour. But at the last minute, she decided to swap one of the draft with this watercolour because she loved too much that draft. :p

And that’s it for today, except for the winner list of our lottery. ^^

Lottery list of winners:

  • Monthly Illustration: Marion.
  • Bookmark: Rod.
  • Bookmark: iCheepy.
  • Bookmark: Vaïlix.
  • Coloured Draft: Pyrox.
  • Coloured Draft: lam.
  • Monochrome Draft: Florent.
  • Monochrome Draft: Nyrylou.