September 2018 Rewards

Evening readers!

And here we go like every month: an article about last month rewards from Tipeee! For once, it’s released on Friday because it replace the release of a strip.
Recently, we overstepped the mark a bit too much to give all the content we could, but right now we need a bit of a rest…

Rest which isn’t totally one since it’s there to work on September’s bookmark and timelapses. :p

Anyway, it’s time for the photography of everything we sent this month!


With time, it’s growing more and more. I also think that starting next month we’ll stop to do this photo with all at once, because it loses us more time than anything. Maybe we’ll only take a photo of one illustration and one bookmark with all the envelopes near them (on the blank face of course). Ahah

Last month, we once again achieved the 250€ objective on tipeee! So there were four drafts to earn from the 8 prizes. :3
And here is how they looked:

This month, we choose to do an Halloween theme for our drafts! That way, we will have celebrate it a bit together. :p You will also find a list of the winners at the end of the article.
This month, once again we are already near the 250€ objective and so from the evolution of the lottery to 8 prizes. We’ll see if we achieve it again. :3

Let’s now show the watercolours! In September we had three orders from “Frigo Dévalisé” rank on Tipeee, so here are the three watercolours that Aria made for them:

As always, they have some shiny parts, but we we let their owners the monopole of seeing it. :p

That’s it for today.

List of Rewards from Tipeee’s Lottery:

  • Monthly Illustration: petitb
  • Bookmark: Cailleaan
  • Bookmark: Shyniii
  • Bookmark: Pyrox
  • Coloured Draft: Anaraenos
  • Coloured Draft: SuuiNee
  • Monochrome Draft: noraajev
  • Monochrome Draft: Meloaria