August 2018 Rewards

Hello readers!
Like every month, here is an article to talk about our Tipeee rewards from the previous month which were shipped!

As always, we start by showing a screen of all the rewards together! This month, we once again chose the textured paper like we did for July, and we’re happy once again!


You can note the growing of the number of reward we’re sending, thanks to the ability to order old rewards and bookmarks now. :3

Our lottery was also bigger since we achieved the 250€ objective on Tipeee! So there were 8 giveaways, including the following four drafts:

You can also note, that this month we are already higher than 300€ on tipeee! So there will be once again 8 giveaways in the lottery. We’re calmly evolving near 500€, which would mean 14 prizes! And also an additional effect to our Illustrations and Bookmarks. (Knowing you can earn some in the lottery also :p)

Until then, let’s show those two watercolours that were ordered by the two tippers who chose the “Frigo Dévalisé” reward:

As always, some parts of those watercolours are shiny but we think we showed it enough on precedent articles to have to do videos again. :p

And so, you saw everything now!

Ps: We also released two other articles tonight:
Tipper’s Early access to Ré-Incarnat° (only 24h for once, since I was sick and so we got behind schedule)
And September’s Timelapses (for “Bol Edulcoré” rank and higher)

Have a nice reading and a good watch everyone! ^^

Winners List: (Results from dice throw)
– Monthly Illustration : Lam
– Bookmark 1 : Annanas971
– Bookmark 2 : Meloaria
– Bookmark 3 : Florent
– Coloured Draft 1 : Noraajev
– Coloured Draft 2 : LeCoqLico
– Monochrome Draft 1 : Bérénice
– Monochrome Draft 2 : Petitb