July 2018 Rewards

Hello readers! Tonight a little article to show you July rewards which are normally already in our tippers letterboxes. :3

We start by displaying the textured paper we tried this time! <3 We like a lot this paper which is as good as the paper we normally use (paper with soft touch effect on it ^^) and we will surely reuse it! :3

Besides that, as always there was our famous tipeee lottery and here are the two drafts for this one. This month, Aria wanted to do a little cat themes for it!

Before showing the watercolours, I also want to notify that this month, the 250€ objective was achieved, so our lottery will count 8 giveaways (including four drafts :3).
To participate in it, click here! (2€ and higher tips ^^)

So, about watercolours, this time Aria had to draw two of them, and I let you discover her magnificent drawings with their shiny parts!

And for those who want to see more precisely this shiny effect, here is a little video! :3

Mini_Vidéo_AquarellesClick here to see the video!

And, that’s it for today!
Except if you are tippers, since we offer you to see the Step by Step in our tipeee news!


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