June 2018 Rewards

Hello readers! Tonight, an article about our Tipeee rewards since we finally received June Illustrations!

First, here is a little video to show the effect we tested: A metallic effect, that makes some illustration’s parts to shine.

To see the video, click on the picture.

As always, photos and videos aren’t of high quality, but we do with what we have. :p

On another side, like every month there was a lottery for our tippers. Here are the rewards they will get in some days! (So If you were an eligible tipper of that month, don’t forget to check your letterbox :p)

(You can click on the photos to enlarge them)

And to finish, this month we had once again a watercolour!
We also thought of another process to make some parts of those watercolours to shine!
So here is again a video to show that process. :3

Aqua_2018_08_01_MiniClick on the picture to see the effect in video.