May 2018 Rewards

Hello readers!

A little bonus which is released a bit late, even if the rewards were already all received by our tippers more than two weeks ago.

April’s article is also missing, because I lost all the photos done for it. And between the different contents, sometimes we just miss a bit of time. 😛

Anyway let’s start! :3

As always, those prints are as qualitative as we hoped. And with Aria’s style evolution, the final product is even better! :3

For once, Aria wanted to colour the second draft, because she loved it as much as first one! We weren’t far from having two colour drafts, because of that whim. :p

Finally, here is the highlight of the show: Our first Watercolour!


On the photo it’s hard to see, but the feather in Moïra’s hair is a bit shiny. Aria used a special paint to give this effect, and of course, we will do that for all our watercolours. :3

Also, for the impatient, know that Jully’s Illustration visual will be released soon and we also are preparing June’s rewards! So see you soon. 😛