November 2018 Rewards

Heyp readers!

This month as we already told it, we’re working on catching up on the delays we accumulated from Christmas and New Year’s Day! So, last week we shipped November rewards, and today we’re showing you all of that!

But first, a little note to say that we’ll most likely ship December rewards next week, because we will receive the prints on Monday at the very latest. So we’ll be able to say at that time, that there are no more delays. 😛 (Even if technically we’re in the good timing for December rewards anyway ^^)

Let’s start with November’s Illustrations and Bookmarks.

Like most of the time, we chose a safe bet: soft touch effect, especially because we think it goes well with the mood. :3

Next, let’s move on our dear watercolours. :3 This month we had four to do, so here they are:

As you can see, for once there was a different request than normally: one of our tipper wanted the “Coffee” illustration as a watercolour. It’s most likely one of the illustration which was loved the most by our community on the last months, so that was bound to happen.
So we can take the advantage and notify that: if you like an illustration you can ask us to do a watercolour from it. Later we’ll most likely do some posters, or some other things like that, but at the moment we don’t earn enough from tipeee to do that.

Talking about tipeee, let’s continue for the lottery now.
Like last months, there were 8 prizes to win, including four drafts.

This month was pretty much inspired from a game we like a lot: Tree of Savior. (A mmorpg to be precise.)

Talking about the lottery, I want to remind you that, this month we achieved the 500€ objective on Tipeee! It means there will be 14 prizes to fight for! For now, there are only 16 eligible donators. (2€ donations at least) So, that gives a lot of chances to win, right? :p There is until tomorrow to participate to this lottery, so make use of that if you want to have more chances to earn than normally!

And for those who simply wants to support us, without putting a dime in the pot, you can simply watch some video clips on our our Tipeee page. ^^

That’s it for today! And that was a lot of text! So we leave you on that note, with the winners list of November. :p

  • Monthly Illustration: Anaraenos
  • Bookmark: Bérénice
  • Bookmark: Pyrox
  • Bookmark: petitb
  • Coloured Draft: LeCoqLico
  • Coloured Draft: frommll
  • Monochrome Draft: Cailleaan
  • Monochrome Draft: Noraajev