December 2018 Rewards

Hello readers!

We finally got back on track from the accumulated delays of rewards! \ o / So tonight is a triple release: we share you December and January rewards and also March Timelapses for our tippers. ^^

So as always, let’s start with the printed Ex-Libris and Bookmarks.

On the photo, the illustration seems a bit reddish, but it’s because of the angle we took it from! With a front-facing there are no issue. ^^ Once again this month, we used the “soft touch” paper, because it was fitting the mood pretty well. :3
It’s also a budget reason, because once we will earn our life with all of that, we will try to do a lot of different effects, more beautiful from one another! :p

Next let’s go with the watercolours. We had once again three of them to make and some parts are shiny like always, even if it doesn’t show on the photos. 😉

As you can see, this month we did a full Ré-Incarnat° watercolours month. / o /
We also wanted to do them really soft, without too many gags. :3

Now let’s continue with the lottery drafts, like previous months there were four, but well you must be used to it now. ^^

What else to say after that?
First, don’t forget to check the monthly illustration if you didn’t yet.
Second, don’t forget also to January’s rewards and March Timelapses articles that were also released tonight.

Ps: Bookmark’s visual will be released tomorrow. 😉

Lottery winners list:

  • Monthly Illustration: Meloaria
  • Bookmark: Petitb
  • Bookmark: Marion
  • Bookmark: Lam
  • Coloured Draft: Pyrox
  • Coloured Draft: Florent
  • Monochrome Draft: Nyrylou
  • Monochrome Draft: Anaraenos