January 2018 Rewards

Hello readers!

As we said previously in December rewards article, we finally caught up our delays!
So tonight, it’s triple article: December and January rewards and March Timelapses. ^^

Let’s start with the prints of the month:

For January, we chose to use a textured paper to enforce the atmosphere of grottos and fighting of our Ex-Libris and Bookmarks.

Next, it’s time for the watercolours!

This time, it’s not just some Ré-Incarnat°, but we stayed on a sweet side for the mood. After all since December and January are respectively the first and the last months of the year, some sweetness is needed to finish and start respectively 2018 and 2019! ^^

Finally, let’s move to the drafts, and this time there were 5! Because we achieved the 500€ objective on Tipeee!

Once again, we can see multiple characters in those drafts, and even one of the cat which is so sweeeet, that everyone would want to play with him! :p

Ps: Bookmark’s visual will get released tomorrow. 😉

Lottery’s winners list:

  • Monthly Illustration: Shyniii Stream
  • Monthly Illustration: Nyrylou
  • Monthly Illustration: Anaraenos
  • Monthly Illustration: Rod
  • Bookmark: Cailleaan
  • Bookmark: Fredos
  • Bookmark: Marion
  • Bookmark: Ananas971
  • Bookmark: iCheepy
  • Coloured Draft: Florent
  • Coloured Draft: Annras28
  • Coloured Draft: Lam
  • Monochrome Draft: LeCoqLico
  • Monochrome Draft: Noraajev