Wip + Dé-Cadence notice

Hey readers!

Tonight we wanted to do a little surprise to you all, and exceptionally no strip for that! Instead, we will give you some infos about how Dé-Cadence is evolving and some Wips also!

First, know that Aria works at the moment on Tipeee’s monthly illustration and it’s already progressing well! :3 To hype you some more here is a little WIP of it!


(All details that follow are based on the original version that can be seen in the French version of the site. You may not see this version in the English website.)

Now let’s get to Dé-Cadence. It’s been around half a year that I muted that content. Some may wonder why, and answer is simple: it looked ugly graphically speaking and the more time passed, the more it would clash with the rest of the website.

Aside than its ugliness, it was also kinda unreadable and repulsive for our eyes. So I only had one thing to do… Totally rethink its lookout.

And so, something came to my mind: Pixel Art. After all this content inspire himself from paper role games, mixed with its game relative. So why not sinking more into that mix and go to the bottom of things?

Sadly, all of this is time consuming. And with Ré-Incarnat° which take us the major part of our work schedule. Little by little our work time for working on Dé-Cadence was reducing too much. Combined with the fact that I didn’t do any pixel art since more than five years, without being really good at it too, you get a really really longue break.

But today, we dig it up with two little visuals to show you how this graphical rework is progressing. First here is the Logo.


Obviously it’s not finished, but we kinda already see all of the information we had in original version: parchment, title and dices. We only miss the Creator in it now and maybe some upgrades to the parchment texture, but I’m not sure yet about that. ^^

Now let’s show how the pages should look like:


As you can see, the concept stay simple: a dialogue window like in old RPGs we loved so much. As we can see, at the moment we can see four information each time:

– On the left, we first have a big empty square. This will be where you can see the character who talks.

– Still on the left, the character name of the one who is talking. Even if it can feel pretty useless since the portrait will already be there, I thought it would be more immersive with that and I also thought it would make it look more like an UI.

– In the center, the biggest window which will contain the text of the character.

– Finally on the right, dices slots, based on the actions that will happen at the same time as the character or the Creator’s talking. As you can see, there are two versions of dices slots: 4 faces Dice version and 20 faces Dice version. (like in the original)

And that’s it for this description! Obviously, I still have a lot more work to do for this UI. She still needs some graphical upgrades. Like a gradient/gradation for the brown background to give it a real charm. I may need to add some more frills also, for a result pleasing to the eye.

And lastly, I will have the most time consuming to do: characters visuals, with multiple expressions to vary based on situations and match the story.

That’s all for today! Don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts about that graphical change, or even to give us some tips if you have some. ^^


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