Laynaria’s Discord Opening


Today, a big update to talk to you about the opening of Laynaria’s discord!

It’s something that took us a lot of preparation, and some thinking time to organize it in a simple enough to use discord, with enough Laynaria’s channels, and for it to match what we do and how we are. We tested this discord with some readers and donators the last two weeks to be sure that it would be ready for its grand opening. :3

For the time being, there is only one vocal channel, because we won’t use it most likely. But if it’s needed, we’ll multiply those for the readers who’d like to talk together without encroaching too much on each other’s in a really tiny channel. ^^

Why did we want to do that discord? For two reasons:

– Give the community a way to communicate more easily with each other’s, or with us based on our availability.

– Give you a way to follow every release of our contents more easily, with the “updates” channel. ^^

Please, read the rules when you get on this discord (Entrance door channel) and stay respectful.


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