New Tipeee’s Lottery

Today, we open up our Update section with a pretty big new!

We totally remade our Lottery’s objectives, to make it more interesting for you.

We also chose to put some “basic prizes” without any objective. To make the 2€ reward more interesting, so you don’t have to wait an objective to get unlocked.

Here comes the new visual of our new lottery, so you can see all the objectives from there:


Ps: Since we don’t have that old visual anymore, we can’t translate on it. Also The objectives stayed the same after this announcement so you can kinda see directly on this article the translations of this picture)

To note: there are no shipping cost on this lottery! 😉
(Ps: there are no shipping cost at all nowadays anyway ^^)

For those who’d like to participate in our Tipeee’s Lottery, you only need to donate 2€ on our Tipeee’s page! For that, click on one of our “Support us” link.

Other than that, we also updated some visuals to show a little “overview” of what our physical rewards looks like, obviously those aren’t really detailed visuals, they will be better in physical version!

Also, we should soon receive our monthly prints from January, so we’ll show the printed version to you at that time! No more waiting, here are the visuals:


We hope that it made your drool because we worked a lot on that!

For those who are worried, donations on Tipeee are completely secured! Payment simply goes to Tipeee first, which then give us 92% of your donation. (91% if you use paypal)

Little sympathetic detail: If we achieved an average 10€ donation per tipper, it would mean 1/5 chance to get a prize from the lottery! (I specify that it’s an average, some gives more, and some gives less)

I think we’re one of Tipeee’s page that pamper the most their donators with their lottery ahah!

For now, I think we said everything we could! We thank all our tippers who support us, with some doing it since the start of our journey! We also thanks everyone who will support us in future! And we also thank all the readers who follow us steadily!



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