Ex-Libris – August 2023

Illustration’s Name: Abysses

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Aria: Hello everyone! I haven’t other choice this month to release the monthly illustration earlier because i won’t be able to do it at the usual time, BUT it can be an opportunity to change this habit \o/ I hesitated a lot because it was first a regular illustration, but because of the colours, my heart and mind couldn’t resist… So with the good colour fix, it will be so pretty once printed! (Knowing that flashy and vivid colours tends to be way less “impactful” than on the screen, if there isn’t any colour balancing.)

Layne: It’s time for the little wordplay for me: “Aria stunned me this month!” (the joke is a little stronger in French where jellyfish and stunned are nearly similar) 😀 This illustrations duo is now without a doubt one of my favourite!