Bookmark – July 2023

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Hello readers!

This month I have a good and a good news to announce. Firstly I’m starting an apprenticeship of one year starting September, and in theory there should only be one week out of four where I’ll have not much time for myself, which should have not much of an incidence on Laynaria (there will still be my certification which takes me a good amount of time until November though). As for the second good news, financially it will become far better for us, which mean all delays will be shut down with a far faster rhythm since there will be no more stress linked to money 😀

All of that will still bring some changes, and Aria is currently thinking hard about her schedules mainly on the stream side, since my work shift will forcefully affect these and make things not that simple for this year, but it’s nothing we can’t surpass 😊 There is also a lot of projects on her side, and some common projects which will affect these schedules, but we’ll most likely let you know (or let you discover in due time, we’ll see).

On that note, we’re leaving you with this little and colourful summertime pair of illustrations!