Bookmark – August 2023

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Heya readers!

We hope all of you are fine! As for us everything is finally good, necessary documents for my contract are finally inked! I’m starting on early September (with some potential meetings with team, etc on end of august)! On her side, Aria will have some days unavailable at the end of august where she won’t be able to work on Laynaria, but I can say that there are at least some illustrations planned in her quiver, we’ll see which one will release 😀

But what does it mean in long term? Firstly, I most likely already told it in the last bookmark article, there will be one week out of four where I won’t be able to work on Laynaria at all. Also, Aria taking over a good part of my previous tasks, there will possibly be a transition period. This will let me be able to concentrate on writing/translations of “stories” type contents for Laynaria, and on the dev side also be it for my work or for our future projects which we’ll talk about once we have more than crumbs to share 🙂

On top of that, Aria wants to start streaming again which means she’ll need to do some multiple tests of shcedules to find what she prefers, knowing my work housr will make her unable to stream as long as we don’t have internet fiber. (Fiber that should finally be here more or less soon now that the co-ownership had a management change!!!)

And that’s more or less everything I had in mind to say, maybe this will be the last bookmark article that I’ll write, maybe not (we’ll see that in due time :D). On that note, I’m back to concentrate on my certification project which is important to me!

Have a nice day everyone! :3