August 2020 Rewards

Hello readers!

Now that all my pc issues are done, I can finally take my time to translate those delayed articles. And I’m most likely gonna write them all at once this time. And I’ll share them one by one, or two per two. :3

For us, the month of August was a little test. It was the first time that we tried using the glossy paper for our monthly illustrations. And as you can see, it was worth it!

We were really happy of the result, and in the next months you’ll see that we used it again pretty fast! x)

For the three watercolours that we had to do, Aria had a lot of fun, mostly on the “Ikemen” Layne (cute boy in Japanese)

And lastly for our drafts, there is some diversity thanks to our four human main characters: Layne, Aria, Moïra and Sidonie! :3

Of course, those rewards aged a bit x) but we really wanted to continue to show all of them 🙂

Tonight, we will also share the September rewards article just after this one ^^, so don’t hesitate to go read it also 😛

Winners list:

  • Monthly Illustration – Rod
  • Bookmark – KIRI
  • Bookmark – fredos
  • Bookmark – Collet Valentin
  • Coloured Draft – Jouandomy
  • Coloured Draft – petitb
  • Monochrome Draft – Shyniii
  • Monochrome Draft – Marion