September 2020 Rewards

Hello again readers!

With the last weeks which were a bit hectic and problematic, our delayed articles, of rewards already shipped a long time ago, were again put aside!
And so today, you will have two of them :3

First, let’s start with the print of the month:

To change a bit, we used a mat paper, simply ^^
Next are the three watercolours of that month:

This month, since she was such in love of “Tikka”, Aria couldn’t help herself to not make her into a watercolour!

And finally, for our drafts, Aria draw herself three times! But don’t worry, there is no egocentrism there! 😛

Winners List :
  • Monthly Illustration – Lili
  • Bookmark – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – KIRI
  • Bookmark – ANNRAS28
  • Coloured Draft – noraajev
  • Coloured Draft – Collet Valentin
  • Monochrome Draft – Shyniii
  • Monochrome Draft – Rod