July 2020 Rewards

Hello readers! 🙂

It’s time to continue delayed articles of tipeee rewards from 2020! There will most likely be at least two of them this week, to fasten things up again. ^^

So, as always, we start with the prints of that month:

This month, having our heads in the clouds, we forcefully had to choose a textured paper! 😛

As for watercolours, we had three to do:

We can see that Aria already wanted to disguise our characters as slayers ones this month! And also that she did a watercolour of one of our tipper’s cat!

Lastly, for the drafts you’re accustomed to it, there were four. And like always we try to diversify ideas ^^

And that’s all for this article! Tippers will most likely find one of the February articles for them (which were themselves delayed) and you will also be able to see us on twitch starting 18h! (French hour) 🙂

Winners’ List:

  • Monthly Illustration – Rod
  • Bookmark – petitb
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Bookmark – Jasnelle
  • Coloured Draft – Collet Valentin
  • Coloured Draft – ANNRAS28
  • Monochrome Draft – Cailleaan
  • Monochrome Draft – Frommll