June 2020 Rewards

Heya readers!

Now that Layne’s health issues are more or less fixed, it’s time to continue delayed articles of 2020 rewards. :3 After this article, there will be only four behind schedule: July, August, September and Octobre! Since Aria is currently working on November and December ^^

And so, like always, let’s start with the print of that month:

For June, we wanted to complement this wealthy and classy vibe of our dear Moïra! So what could be better than Mat paper? 😀

As for watercolours, we had three in total :3 And this month it’s Ré-Inc characters that are highlighted!

Additionally, two of those watercolours are in the bath! So much fan service 😛

For lottery drafts, you know the drill: four drafts (two colours and two monochromes)

Besides a little info which we most likely never said, most of the time Aria asks Layne which drafts should be coloured, and which one in monochromes! Additionally, this month there is a little cheating since Gizmo is a white and blanc, making it kinda another coloured draft in a way 😀

That’s it for this article! Maybe you’ll have another one later, or maybe not! We will see 😛

Winners’ List:

  • Monthly Print – Rod
  • Bookmark – petitb
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Bookmark – Jasnelle
  • Coloured Draft – Collet Valentin
  • Coloured Draft – ANNRAS28
  • Monochrome Draft – Cailleaan
  • Monochrome Draft – Frommll