May 2020 Rewards

Hello again readers!

It’s pretty late, but we’re continuing the rewards articles. x)

For May prints, it’s again a “soft touch” effect that we choose:

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Soft touch effect, is as always here to go along the sweet mood that we like to do! And also most likely because the cake itself is sweet! :p

Next, as nearly all 2020, we had three watercolours for tippers who chose our biggest reward:

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What could we say more than all the love those watercolours send? 😀

Lastly, you know the drill, we had four drafts to do for tipeee’s lottery:

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This month, our inspirations were pretty much varied: between bakemono hime, some butterfly characters and also simply some simplicity!

And so, that’s it for today! ^^
See you tomorrow. :3

Winner’s List:

  • Monthly Illustration – Lolombaba
  • Bookmark – Collet Valentin
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Bookmark – Shyniii
  • Coloured Draft – noraajev
  • Coloured Draft – petitb
  • Monochrome Draft – Jasnelle
  • Monochrome Draft – Kiri