April 2020 Rewards

Hello readers!

We’re continuing the follow up of rewards articles, rewards which where shipped a looooong time ago. x)
Firstly, we hope that you had happy holidays, and we wish you a happy 2021 new year. 🙂

On our side, we had pretty calm days and we rested as much as we could (without stopping to work #hello twitch streams :p)
We also uploaded one of the first strip in English, and we’ll upload more in the next weeks to work a lot on that part.

Tomorrow, in addition to releasing weekly illustration, we’ll also order rewards of November and December. 🙂 Meaning we’ll also ship them in the next weeks. ^^ We’ll also work on December digital rewards (timelapses and step by step included) this week. And we’ll also work on multiple designs that we have to do for our twitch channel: subs badges, bits badges and “channel points”. 🙂

But for now, let’s start with April rewards:

For this month prints, we we used the “soft touch” effect paper that we use a lot. 🙂 Even if recently we’ve started to use even more type of papers to vary our effects more. 😀

Then we had three watercolours to do:

Aria did them while we were doing a little discovery marathon around the anime “Jojo’s bizzare’s adventure”! And we can see that we wanted to do some references.:P

For the drafts, we also did some Jojo references, which let’s accept it is most likely one of our favourite anime now (what did you expect xD)

We hope you liked this article, and we’ll continue in a second one for May’s rewards. :3

See you later then. ^^

Winners’ List:

  • Monthly Print – fredos
  • Bookmark – Shynii
  • Bookmark – Frommll
  • Bookmark – Collet Valentin
  • Coloured Draft – Annras28
  • Coloured Draft – Lili
  • Monochrome Draft – Marion
  • Monochrome Draft – Cailleaan