March 2020 Rewards

Hi again readers!

We’re continuing the day with March rewards article! While Aria is concentrating on the storyboard of Ré-Incarnat°’s rework.

So let’s start with the prints of the month:

For this reconciliation mood, we once again chose the “soft touch” effect. And it fits really well, even on the print which was a fighting scene. ^^

Here comes the three watercolours now:

This month, Aria drawn us a little Gizmo, a gentle Momo and lastly a superb Ariaëlle. Since the rewards themselves were behind schedule and so july illustration was already released when we shipped them. ^^

Only the four drafts from tipeee’s lottery remains:

Neon is so cute, right? :3 Once again there are multiple Sidonie (we really wonder why!), and lastly a little Momo which seems pretty down! Most likely because she’s waiting too much Ré-Incarnat° new pages. 🙁

That will be all for tonight! We hope that you liked those articles and we’llsee you again in some days for more articles that weren’t released. We also think we’ll start Ré-Incarnat° streamers next week! ^^ Good evening. :3

Winners’ List:

  • Monthly Illustration – Syn
  • Bookmark – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – Jasnelle
  • Marque-Page – Marion
  • Croquis Coloré – Lili
  • Croquis Coloré – noraajev
  • Croquis Monochrome – Frommll
  • Croquis Monochrome – petitb