December 2019 Rewards

Heya readers!

After 7 months of radio silence about this type of articles, we’re finally back with a dozen of articles to strafe in the upcoming weeks. :3
Why was there such a long interruption you’ll ask? Even though we were still sending tippers there monthly rewards?

Well there are two reasons to that:
– Firstly, because of translations. Layne wanted to put aside this category to not lose himself in its translations. But it was once of the latest category which was translated, and its last translations where done this week.
– And above all, with the last theme change we had for the website, these articles display was forcefully changed. And we didn’t have much choice to correct that, which was making Layne mad. Same issue happened with the step by step. But since last week, after paying an upgrade of one of our website extension, we finally could rework all its slide-shows, and since they are part of an extension and not of the theme, it means they will never break if we have a theme change. :3

So except some little change we may do to these slide-shows who are not yet totally to our taste, there were no issue anymore to share those articles again!
There, it’s time for December’s prints:

To finish 2019, we chose to use the mat paper with a “soft touch” effect, which was for us the best to emphasize the atmosphere of those prints. If you didn’t see also, you can click on the pictures to switch to “full-page” slide-show. ^^

Now, let’s move on our four monthly watercolours:

Like fairly often, Sido is the darling of our characters in our watercolours. But biggest answer is: is she the favourite of our readers, or of Aria? x)
Of course, there are multiple shiny parts in our dear watercolours, but only their owners will be able to enjoy it (and it will be like that for at least the 8 next articles that are to come, since we didn’t take any video before shipping them!)

And we finish this article with the drafts of December’s Tipeee Lotery! :3

Like most of the time, there were four drafts. And when seeing back one of them, Aria nearly hit the roof seeing all the “interstellar void” in this draft. x) It show how much she our art evolve with time. :3

And so that’s it for today! We will see you in the next day for January’s rewards. But above else for the monthly illustration and bookmark. :3

Winner’s List:

  • Monthly Illustration – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – nyrylou
  • Bookmark – Rod
  • Bookmark – Shyniii
  • Coloured Draft – noraajev
  • Coloured Draft – Frommll
  • Monochrome Draft – Lili
  • Monochrome Draft – Jouandomy