January 2020 Rewards

Hello readers!

This week-end, we worked on preparing all the slideshows needed for 8 rewards articles that weren’t released in the last months. We’ll still avoid to spam them in one week, but you’ll surely see at least one or two this week!

Additionally, we started multiple tests on Ré-Incarnat° and some of those are already pretty satisfying, even if imperfect! Once we’re done with some parts of our testing etc, we’ll start Ré-Inc’s return from the start, to be sure to correct multiple things which makes Aria unhappy! x) And as we told, we’ll stream some good things around Ré-Incarnat° during the upcoming months. 🙂

Really important also, Aria finished the lasts touches to September and October rewards. So we’ll work on signing all of that and ship them before the end of the week, to be sure tippers get it before Christmas. :3

But let’s stop the chit chat, it’s time for January prints.

For January, we used textured paper for a truly royal illustration! 😛

As for watercolours, there were three to do:

A comical Layne was needed to equalize a bit with the Majestic Layne from the ex-libris. X)

Lastly, we end with the Drafts!

And aria also had her little comic version in one of our coloured drafts. :3 Talking about Aria, she’s going nuts seeing all those old drafts who are far from her level now. Ahah

On that note, we leave you there for today!

Winners’ List:

  • Monthly Illustration – Jasnelle
  • Bookmark – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – Shyniii
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Coloured Draft – Rod
  • Coloured Draft – nyrylou
  • Monochrome Draft – Lili
  • Monochrome Draft – Ananas971