November 2019 Rewards

Hello readers!

Now that the new version of the website is more or less stable (even if there are still some changes to do because it’s pretty bleak at the moment), it’s time to restart some tasks which were put on pause!

And what’s better than an article that was waiting its hour: Tipeee’s November rewards. ^^ (For the next months, I will most likely soon do a mail to our dear tippers to do a sort of comeback about how the confinement affected it, even if the delayed months are ready, meaning they will soon rain on tippers ^^).

So we’ll start, as always, with November prints.

Just the once won’t hurt, it’s the old “soft touch” effect which was used. ^^ Little thing to note about this illustration in particular, is that it seems it’s Aria’s most loved one at the moment. :p

For the watercolours, like most of the 2019 year, this time, there were five people who were ordering the “Frigo Dévalisé” reward, and so we had five watercolours to do. :3

As always, sadly, with the scanner you can’t see the shiny effect. ^^

Now for the drafts, as always since around two years we had 8 prizes in the lottery, and so 4 drafts:

I also think that this month is the month with the drafts we like the most. Between Tarzlayne which made us laugh a lot in its conception, Momo and the Colour Meister from which we are fans. :3

On that note, that’s all for today! We still have a lot of background tasks to do now, so you’ll maybe not see any result on your side. :3

But here’s what we have on the agenda:
– Monthly Illustration.
– Preparing shipping of December, January and February rewards. (With some delays because of confinement ^^ You still should receive them before the end of the month normally)
– English translations of Ré-Inc (Arround half of that work is done atm).
– Cleaning Ré-Incarnat°’s chapter 3
– Writing Chapter 4 of Ré-Incarnat°
– Writing 6th and last part of our Strip “Unexpected Guest”. (This last part is bigger than I thought, it may count around 6 pages which is something we never did for a strip, and if you count all six parts it will be around 20 pages of story, which is something pretty big I think. Eheh ^^)

Anyway, we won’t have time to get bored in the upcoming days/weeks. ^^ Have a nice week-end everyone. :3

Winners’ List:

  • Illu Mensuelle – Jouandomy
  • Marque-Page – KIRI
  • Marque-Page – Collet Valentin
  • Marque-Page – Shyniii
  • Croquis Coloré – Jasnelle
  • Croquis Coloré – petitb
  • Croquis Monochrome – Frommll
  • Croquis Monochrome – fredos