October 2019 Rewards

Heya readers!

As we promised yesterday, here are the rewards of October 2019! ^^
For the prints of that month, we wanted to once again do a metal effect!

But even if photos are cool, they can’t show how good that effect is. So it’s time for two videos who will help to understand it better!

So? That looked well? Or that looked well? :p

Let’s follow with watercolours now! As always, there were four in total.

The fourth watercolour seems to “stand out more” in scan version, but in fact they were all as soft as others. Of course, they all add “shiny” parts as is our tradition. Eheh

And we finish with monthly lottery’s drafts! With the new coloured drafts we talked about. :3

As you can see, the inking like changes a lot! And we are really happy about the result! :3

On that note, that’s all for tonight! And maybe tomorrow, we will release November’s rewards article! :3 So have a nice evening everyone. ^^

Winners’ list:

  • Monthly Illustration – Wajulillo
  • Bookmark – Jouandomy
  • Bookmark – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – Collet Valentin
  • Coloured Draft – Rod
  • Coloured Draft – Frommll
  • Monochrome Draft – Lili
  • Monochrome Draft – noraajev