September 2019 Rewards

Hello readers!

It should be already one week since our tippers received the September, October and November rewards! So this week, it’s time for you to discover everything they got!

We’ll start with the print of this month! And for September, we chose to use again the “mat” effect.

This monthly illustration had most likely the most detailed background we ever did, thanks to all those plushies!

On the watercolours side, we had four to do this time, like nearly every month of the 2019 year. ^^

It’s always a bit sad, that the “scanned” version can’t show the “sparkling effects” of those watercolours. But at least it kinda makes it exclusive to our donators to have this detail. 😛

As for the drafts, like always there were two coloured ones and two monochromes. It’s also the last month where the “line” of the coloured ones where done with polychromos. Starting the October month, you will discover their evolution with the “new” “china ink” line.

And, that’s it for today! But tomorrow you will be able to discover October’s rewards. On the agenda: Metal Effect and new Coloured Drafts! :3

Winners’ list:

  • Monthly Illustration – nyrylou
  • Bookmark – Lili
  • Bookmark – Cailleaan
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Coloured Draft – ANNRAS28
  • Coloured Draft – fredos
  • Monochrome Draft – Collet Valentin
  • Monochrome Draft – Frommll