Bookmark – June 2020


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Heya readers! ^^

It’s the last day of the month, and we’ll still be able to release the missing contents! In the evening/night, tippers will have access to this month Step by Step. ^^

And after all that? What are we preparing? Well, like we already told, we’re working hard on Ré-Incarnat° at the moment. There is only one page that needs to get the colour-solids. Most of the pages then needs to get shaded, there is also the lights and last details to do after. And lastly there are the corrections to do, to verify if we didn’t forget some details and that’s it! ^^

We really can’t wait to show those boards, because we worked pretty hard on them. The goal after that is to release every month half a chapter of Ré-Incarnat°. We still have some rewards, and translations to do first though… So we’ll see when we’ll be able to have that rhythm!

For now, we hope you will like this Bookmark. For the tippers, see you later for the Step by Step, and for some more info also! And for all our other readers, have a good evening. :3