Ex-Libris – June 2020

Illustration’s Name : Kerécorce’s Empress

L_Impératrice_de _Kerécorce-840

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Aria: Aaaaaand the first big content is exposed! That’s satisfying, I admit it. >_< This month for Ré-Inc’s big return, our dear Moïra had to be under the spotlight. 😀
I went through hell for the shadows, that’s what took me the biggest time, I hope that you will like this monthly illustration as much as Momo loves her coin (swimming) pool!

Layne: The monthly illustration is finally revealed… Phew! With how hard it was, we hope that you will like it a lot. Given the theme and details of this illustration, we’re thinking about a Metal effect for this print, we’ll see about that! ^^ Even more content are yet to come in the next days, among them is the timelapses that will be released tomorrow. And the Step by Step, once the bookmark is shown. So much to do in this rush week… And above that we want to release the follow-up of Ré-Incarnat°. We’re sweating a bit with all of that, but we put our whole body and soul into it, and well whatever happens, happens. :3