Ex-Libris – July 2020

Illustration’s Name: Ariaëlle


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Aria: Hey! This month I wanted to test a watercolour-like effect, and I have to admit that it’s not displeasing me at all! Absolutely don’t worry about Gigi, he’s going well, and we still have to tell his story one day… We’ll see when we’ll finally do that. 😀
Anyway, enjoy this Ariaëlle and her duty to protect and guide the little kitties from Catradise to happy lives filled with love. :3

Layne: What if cats were born from paradise? That’s the basic idea behind this monthly illustration. :3
For once also, Aria wanted to show some close shots of our illustration to let you admire some more details, here they are :

So? Would you like to see close-ups like that more often? (Click on the miniatures to zoom them ^^) :3