Ex-Libris – May 2020

Illustration’s Name : Sweet Collaboration


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Aria: For this month, Sariaji and his loyal sidekick prepared a little sweet! But… For which occasion?

Layne: Yeah, i won’t talk about this monthly print! Shameful, isn’t it?!
But i will talk about tipeee’s rewards! Because rewards are important! First, December-January-Febuary are now sealed. We only wait to receive the stamps that should arrive by thursday. 🙂
For March and April rewards, the prints order is done. We should get them by June 2/3. Aria will continue to work on the drafts and watercolours this week, once this month bookmark is done and released. But we’ll still have most likely one little week of waiting, once those enveloppes are done, for the stamps of that last rewards batch.

I think that’s all for the rewards! We’ll most likely use the Bookmark article to talk to you about the translations progress, but above all about Ré-Incarnat°! :3
Ps: In fact i will talk a little about this illustration : we had fun to create the view, some researches to stay accurate to some backgrounds details, while still using our own characters like we wanted to. :3 And the cake is appetizing, that’s it! :3