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Hello Readers!

While we’re resolving last issues of our website’s new version, we still find time to provide some content! :3

Once we’ll have finished those little adjustments, we’ll add some more pictures to embellish some part of the website, especially category’s pages which list the articles of one content type. ^^

You may have seen it also, Layne decided to step up the pace of translations. Thus there is now the possibility to switch more easily between french and english versions in the (top) menu. :3

Inevitably, since Layne spend more time for translations and to adjust the website, he doesn’t write as much as he would like to. But that’s obviously temporary, since the goal is to be have every new content get out in french and english at the same time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re neglecting our french readers eheh. And that’s where there is a really important info to know : Ré-Incarnat°’s chapter 3 line has finally started! Which means not far away, you’ll finally be abble to enjoy new pages of this comic which means a lot to us after more than one year hiatus.

Tomorrow mostly, you’ll also see on social networks a little spoiler of the line, to show you how the quality gap that this long break enabled us to achieve! :3

Onto that,  have a good evening, and for tippers see you tomorrow or friday to discover our monthly timelapses and Step by step. Alongside our new unlocking pictures for the Treasure Category. / o /