Bookmark – January 2020


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‘Sup readers!

While we’re finishing to take some decisions, and to work on the follow-up of our content (like the strip of this week :3), we don’t forget to also share you this month bookmark of tipeee! :3

So, we’ll take advantage of this article to give a rundown of our situation. 🙂
– First, the second-to-last part of our Strip “Unexpected Guest” will be released this week like we wanted.
– Step by Step and Timelapses of the month will get released before the end of the week.
– We’ve started to work on the first updates of our Tipeee’s page (Rewards details) even if one or two stairs doesn’t really feels easy to understand in this new picture.
– Rewards behind schedule are progressing, since September should be sent before the end of the week.
– On Ré-Incarnat°’s side, Aria work on chapter’s 3 draft, while Layne has started writing chapter 4. We also chose to not rework chapter 1 & 2 for now. We’ll directly release chapter 3 on the website, with a new publishing format once we’re ready. (Fingers crossed for March)
– Lastly, for English version (even if it doesn’t really concern French readers), we’ve start to translate easy articles. (So everything which isn’t Comics or Strips ^^) For now, we’re only in 2017 articles, but our goal would be to release French and English versions at the same time. ^^
Well, that’s all we have on our backpack for now, and that’s already a lot of information. :3 We wish you a good evening! And see you tomorrow for more content. :p

PS: As always, this Bookmark can be ordered by itself or alongside this month’s Ex-Libris on our Tipeee page until Midnight, January 31. (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)