Bookmark – October 2019


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‘Sup readers!

This week, as you can see we didn’t release a strip! But we take this time to release this month bookmark.
By finishing this one, and by looking back at our monthly illustration, we discovered one thing: It would really be a waste to not add an effect on all those light particles! / o /

You’ll most likely have understood by now, we will maybe add a metal effect on rewards from this month once again! / o /
All the lights and spirits will shine brightly once printed! As will the temple’s gildings for the monthly illustration. :3

Delay wise, we’re currently working on July’s rewards, which means we’ll soon have finished with those issues. / o / August prints won’t take long to get ordered also. :3

For those who didn’t see it, tippers of this month also have access to a good quality wallpaper of our monthly illustration! ^^
And we’re also preparing some step by step that we’ll release soon. :3

On that note, have a nice evening everyone. / o /

PS : As always, this Bookmark can be ordered by itself or alongside this month’s Ex-Libris on our Tipeee page until Midnight, October 31. (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)