Ex-Libris – October 2019

Illustration’s Name : Spooky Night


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Available until Midnight, October 31.

Aria: Hey! This year, we “FINALLY” do an Halloween theme Illustration! \o/ Here Momo and Sido have gone through some transformations, but don’t worry it’s nothing serious. Sidonie is not bad at all as a succubus. * – *

Layne: OH NOES! What did we do to Momo?! That’s maybe what you’re asking yourself, but don’t worry, everything will go back to normal once Halloween’s night end!

As always, this month’s Ex-Libris can be ordered as printed version on Tipeee‘s page until Midnight, October 31! It will come with its sidekick : the bookmark, which will be revealed before the end of the month! :3 (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)