Bookmark – September 2019


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Heyp readers!

Here we go! The bookmark visual is also unveiled now. :3 We hope that this comical result will make you laugh as much as we did. :3 We are really happy to be able to share content again without any problems of connexion, move-out etc.

We now have all the necessary time to work on everything now… And above all on… Ré-Incarnat°. *3* To tell where we are at the moment: writing is on the early of chapter 4, as for the drawing story board, it’s on half of chapter3. :3

So it’s only a question of weeks before our miracle content comes back. :p We’re thinking more and more about how to organise the new release of its pages, for it to be as good as we want it to be. ^^ We have multiple ideas, but it will most likely take some time before we find the best solution. 🙂

Timelapses should be released tomorrow, at the same time as our weekly illustration, but upload seems to have some problems so let’s hope that doesn’t continue. 😡

And that’s all for tonight! We wish you a nice end of week-end to all of you, and see ya tomorrow for more content. 😉

PS: As always, this Bookmark can be ordered by itself or alongside this month’s Ex-Libris on our Tipeee page until Midnight, September 30. (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)