Bonus n°14 : New Animated Gif

Hello readers!

Today a little bonus that we prepare since a moment : a new animated gif for the website. :3

It took us a while to do this one, it’s been like one month that Aria started the first drafts. We had to find the time with the habitual contents and the catch up of tipeee’s rewards etc etc…
And finally, this gif gave us more delay than anything else.

On my part, I fought a lot with software those last days, so I could animate this gif, knowing that we can’t put it perfectly yet because for example “transparency” isn’t managed with our softwares.

Anyway, let’s stop making you wait, here is the gif we did:


We hope you’ll like it, anyway we like it ourselves that’s the most important! / o /
And well compared to the old one, that’s a way higher level even if it’s not perfect. :3