Bonus n°15 : RelocateMomo


Hello readers!

We told you earlier, this month is an eternal upheaval!

Because of apartment renovations, we had to move out temporarily ALL our belongings. That was tedious and that took us a really big week. Behind that, we used that situation to rest a little, by doing some “forced vacations” and seeing hw tired we were, we really needed it!
This week, we start working again, even if you may not see much since it will be mostly “background” work. We’ll see if there are things that we can show you, but that’s not sure at the moment. Mainly because most of that work is around Ré-Incarnat°!
And we don’t want to spoil too much. :p

It’s still hard to work in our actual environment, since we have less space for that. Even if on some other aspects like the kitchen which is far more spacious and enjoyable for cooking. / o /

We try to focus on the paper rewards as we can, but even that is problematic space wise. 😡 And heat doesn’t help also obviously. Hopefully we don’t make much content at the moment because internet connexion wouldn’t follow what we normally do at home.

Timelapses would have been impossible to upload for example! Of course, all of that forced rest will help us to come back even stronger once we’ll be back home with everything in place. We guess it will be in two weeks around, with the time to tidy everything and to reassemble the furniture.

Before closing this little bonus, we wanted to remind you that there is only three days to command the prints of the month! :3

To remember their visual :


We also think about making a new “metallic” effect on those prints, so it can shine metallically on some elements. :3
For those who don’t remember, or never saw it, here is what looked the Monthly Print of June 2018 :