Bonus n°13 : Some little Drafts!

Hello readers !

This month, we decided to start the month slowly, so for once no illustration but some little drafts instead !

Must say, except one week of pause, we didn’t really rest, and even just one week is SHORT to rest.:/

Anyway, we also got sick last week, the both of us, and that didn’t help. Punctuate all of that with some bad days, we were a lot on edge.

We also have some little decisions to take about one of our content, but we’ll tell you more details later.

For now, here are the little drafts of tonight! :3

Well the last two pictures are actually the same page, but one of the drawing wasn’t shown well on first photo, so we couldn’t not show that drawing to you all! ;p

Thanks to that, Aria could breathe a little knowing that she’s just starting to recover. And well, that change a little. :3

So see you next week for a new illustration! ^^

PS : We also wanted to thanks the tippers who support us every month, or punctually on our Tipeee’s page.
The result of last month was just insane. And seeing this new month start with already 16 donateurs on the first day, it’s just so awesome for us!