Bookmark – January 2019


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Heya readers!

Here it comes all warm, all nice/pretty, the bookmark of this month. Our dear Momo continue again and again to prepare herself for the follow-up of her adventures. :p

This time, no multiple release of articles at once, that way the content can breathe a little. 😉

Tipeee wise, this month the 500€ objective was achieved! Which promise a beautiful lottery, I think that right now with the number of tippers participating to the lottery (2€ tip minimum), it’s nearly 100% of winners which is looming on the horizon!

At least, it’s more than 14 rewards which are to be earned in this first month of 2019, and that’s pretty cool for you guys, isn’t-it? ^^

We also finished to mail November rewards. So we’re back in schedule. We will show you all that on a next article, most likely on Tuesday. ^^

Thus, we leave you on that note for today and wish you all a good week-end!

PS : As always, this Bookmark can be ordered by itself or alongside this month’s Ex-Libris on our Tipeee page until Midnight, May 31. (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)