Bookmark – December 2018


Heya readers!

Tonight is the last day of the year and we couldn’t let you with nothing to see! So, here comes December’s Bookmark which was already ready since. ^^

Also, for the “Bol Édulcoré” rank and above Tippers, you’ll be able to watch the timelapses in another article! 😉

Talking about tipeee, I think we can tell it, we had a really big grow in the last months, knowing that we always achieve the 8 giveaways goal of the lottery now. ^^ Once again we’d like to thank everyone who supported us in this adventure. :3

Content wise, we’re gonna start to prepare the next part of Ré-Incarnat° this month. We really want to put everything to place this time, to improve the overall quality of this comic that we love so much, and which we miss a lot! ^^

I also think we can say in advance that this year will be the big return of Dé-Cadence. It only miss some visuals now, and it’s not Aria who will be the one drawing this time! I hope we’ll be able to show you multiple sketchs, tries and results that Layne is thinking about. ^^

Onto that, I think we can stop there and tell you “see ya next year”.

To be noted: As always, you can order this Bookmark until Midnight December 31 on our tipeee page, which means until tonight. ^^ (Just like monthly illustration, which can be ordered together if you want the collection :p)