Ex-Libris – December 2018

Illustration’s Name : Itadakimasu


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Available until Midnight, December 31.

Aria: FINALLY A LAYNE AND ARIA ILLUSTRATION! It’s kinda different from our usual monthly illustrations, but I hope you’ll still like it! We wish you a happy holiday (season) ahead. :3

Layne: This week, our celebrations preparations are speeding up more and more. Since we don’t want to rush the strip, and make it drop in quality, we prefer to let you discover this month Tipeee Ex-Libris! And what’s better than a cute cooking illustration in those times of celebrations? ;p So have a nice meal everyone, and furthermore happy holiday in advance! ^^

As always, you can order our print collection until Midnight December 31 on our tipeee’s page. The monthly print can be ordered starting the “Écuelle Abondate” reward, as for th Bookmark (which we’ll show in some days) it can be ordered starting “Sachet Gastronomique” reward.