Bookmark – July 2021

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Hello readers!

For once, this will be the last content of the month! Simply because after five without taking any, we’re finally taking some real vacations for around three weeks! Sadly with all our trip preparations, there may be no delayed tipeee rewards shipped before we return (February drafts and watercolours were finally properly drawn, but with all the preparative we still have to do, we may not have enough time to sign them and prepare the shipping! >.< )

We may try to sketch them during our vacations, but nothing is sure ^^ Aria may prefer to sketch some illustrations idea she may get here and there, but those are some vacations so who knows what will happen 😀 All our drawings and writings that we may do will be for us before anything during our rest :p

Anyway, we hope this little Aquarius was to your liking, since once again we had a lot of fun in thinking about all his small details. And we wish you some good vacations! See you in three weeks ^^