Bookmark – February 2021

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Hello readers!

Now that we finished November and December tipeee rewards and also the little upgrades of the website, we finally find time to release the bookmark of this month. 🙂 For the month that is yet to come, we will most likely start to multiply the number of twitch live in term of days (and maybe reduce a bit the number of hours per live, we’ll see ^^)

We also have to continue working on the strips translation which have around two thirds to “pre-translate”, continue to complete the graphics of our twitch channel, then do the “tipeee page rework” to make it readable for both FR and EN. 🙂 We also have some more delayed articles that will get released little by little. But a big number of workhours of Layne should become a bit more free, making him able to start writing again maybe. ^^

Thus, we’ll see you next week for even more content :3