Bookmark – November 2020

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Hello readers!

You were most likely waiting for it, and here it comes: Tipeee bookmark of the month! :3 And this time, it’s Laynetaro who ends up in the arms of his dear Aria-Hime! And who didn’t like to be in the arm of his sweetheart? Though, it seems he’s taking advantage a bit too much, right?!

For the next days, we’re preparing Step by Step and Timelapses of the month, and also the shipping of September and October’s rewards (we’re still waiting to receive some prints ^^)

We also will soon start releasing Strips English translations, slowly but surely, but first we have to finish the more important tasks we just talked about. :3 Once all of that will be done, we’ll free a lot of time which we’ll use for creating some contents like Strips/Ré-Incarnat°/Dé-Cadence again. We hope you’ll be patient until then! :3

Until then, have a good night everyone. And see you tomorrow for our Step by Step, and maybe also Timelapses since we have a little issue with one of them currently.