Ex-Libris – August 2020

Illustration’s Name: Jewel Goddess

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Aria: HERE IT FINALLY COMES! I wanted to test Stained Glass style since a long time! \o/ It was at the same time simple and complicated… Colours choice didn’t help on it, especially for the light part of the background to make it soft and harmonious.
But here it is, the geodes and gems goddess is finally there! May her lighten you up with her dazzling beauty. 🙂

Layne: It’s been months that Aria started wishing to make a stained glass illustration! And we both had a different vision for that style, but finally it’s Aria who chose what to do exactly. Some parts of the design still comes from me, of course! Eheh.

Other than that, I had to be sick after we just took some important decisions about some online shops that we will open additionally to our tipeee, every shop will have their role, and they will give all of you access to buy some goods that results from our designs. :3 But we’ll talk more about that when everything will be done. ^^

On Ré-Incarnat°’s side, between the heat wave and my days of bad health, we forcefully have to wait September to release second part of Chapter 3, we will use that to focus on tipeee’s rewards this week, and also for some shops preparations. ^^
Anyway, we hope that you will love this monthly print, and that our shop projects will please you! :3