June 2019 Rewards

Hello readers!

After one week of waiting, to be sure that all tippers received their rewards, here we are with two articles again. August prints being more complicated, because of the metal effect, those ones will be shipped in one or two weeks. 🙂

But anyway, let’s start with June prints!

This month, we wanted to “change a bit”. So we used for the first time a “mat paper”, without “soft touch” effect on it. And once again we are pretty satisfied of the result. Mat paper pretty much enforce the feeling of “mafia”/”power” thanks to a touch we could qualify of “rough”. 😉

Let’s follow up with the five watercolours! 🙂

This time, Aria had a tremendous time with our shining paint, without any excess of course, since we found back all our belongings!
The idea of disco Layne comes from Layne, and of course Aria rose to the challenge brilliantly. 🙂

And to finish, as always, here are June’s lottery drafts:

This month, Aria wanted a lot of Ré-Incarnat° it seems! And that’s it for this article, the follow up of all the rewards we sent in July’s article now! 🙂

Lottery’s winners:

  • Monthly Print – Collet Valentin
  • Bookmark – noraajev
  • Bookmark – Shyniii
  • Bookmark – fredos
  • Coloured Draft – Jasnelle
  • Coloured Draft – petitb
  • Monochrome Draft – Lili
  • Monochrome Draft – Florent