July 2019 Rewards

Hi again readers!

We’re continuing the evening with our July rewards article. 🙂
So let’s start with the prints of the month:

This month, the visuals of our prints had an unmatched sweetness. So we forcefully needed to use a paper with “soft touch” effect. As always, the result is irrevocable, we’re charmed. ^^

For the watercolours, there were five again like in June! And it seems that Sido was pretty much in the spotlight this time!

As always, the shiny painting is there, but it’s pretty rare for the photos to be enough to show it. Maybe we should once again show some videos sometimes. ^^

Let’s finish this evening with July’s lottery. Which as always were four in total!

Aren’t they cute those drafts? :p
And so on that note, we leave you there and wish you a good evening. And see you soon for even more content. 🙂

Winners list:

  • Monthly Illustration – Pyrox
  • Bookmark – Lili
  • Bookmark – Florent
  • Bookmark – Marion
  • Coloured Draft – ANNRAS28
  • Coloured Draft – Frommll
  • Monochrome Draft – Shyniii
  • Monochrome Draft – lam