Bookmark – March 2019


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Hello everyone!

Here it comes: the Bookmark of this month! This month was pretty strong in twists and turns, between the catch-up of rewards, the tries to get ahead on contents, and mostly the strong will of making Dé-Cadence and Ré-Incarnat° to come back.

Sadly, we couldn’t yet validate all those objectives, but the most important is that Tipeee’s rewards are aback on schedule! / o /
And we will soon start preparing February’s rewards and also the special order of January. ^^

You will see all of that in due time of course! :p

PS : As always, this Bookmark can be ordered by itself or alongside this month’s Ex-Libris on our Tipeee page until Midnight, March 31. (The whole is naturally printed on quality paper ;P)

On that note we leave you there for this month. :3